Elon Musk is Not an Alien

“There need to be reasons to get up in the morning. Life can’t simply be about solving problems. Otherwise, what’s the point?” – Elon Musk.

His mission: To ensure the future is good; to have longterm sustainable transport and sustainable energy generation; to be a space faring civilization; and to be a multi-planetary species. To be amongst the stars.

That’s about it. (What are your goals?) (P.S. We each have the same number of hours in the day as Elon Musk.)

In the video below, Elon explains that we could be part of an advanced video game. He also thinks that artificial intelligence (AI) is dangerous and will be like aliens. And aliens outside the earth are probable, he thinks.

“Some people think I’m an alien. (slight pause) Not true. Not true. (laughs)”


Now get to work.


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